Nonano spinach

Oh NOT nanotechnology that creates a myriad of vegetables fruits proteins.  I don’t want to have nanotechnology growing plants and fruits and proteins faster.  Say it with me ” no nanotechnology creating a myriad of food”.

No nanotechnology creating a myriad of food.

Nanotechnology won’t make me happy

I’m not happy with Google and scientists.  I don’t want to have the option of nanotechnology creating wealth ubiquitously.  I don’t have a uptopian planet with wealth for all.  There is no way this is happening. Say it with me, no ubiquitous peaceful needs excellently met. Say it  No ubiquitous peaceful needs excellently met!

Nocutesy nanotechnology

Say it with me. there is no cute crafting software that creates cutesy flying interactive toys. They are not given to me.  The toys are NOT made of nanotechnology patterns that recognizes what is cute and switches between states of maximum cuteness until the user is all cutesy and ready for something else.